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FreakShow Deluxe (FSD) was created in October 2001: just two guys and a handful of stunts performing for hundreds of people waiting in the queue of the PsychoPath Haunted Trail in Xenia, OH. By October 2008, over 250,000 people were watching live FSD shows at haunts from Minneapolis to Long Beach, and in shows from Las Vegas to Los Angeles a month. By October 2011, FSD was entertaining over 14,000 people in a night!

Things have continued growing - FreakShow Deluxe has expanded beyond its original Halloween-themed comedy stunt show, and now boasts year-round performances! FSD "brings the sideshow to the main stage" - featuring sideshow, burlesque dancers, circus acrobats & aerialists, variety acts, musicians, and more. With more than 20 troupe members and an impressive list of associate and guest performers, FSD offers everything from the classic 10-in-1 show to full-length shows, short acts, atmosphere entertainers… even its own musical!

FreakShow Deluxe has proved its mettle as a headliner, show opener, and grounds act; performing for nearly every kind of event and venue: from fairs & festivals, to amusement parks & haunted attractions, tattoo shows & biker rallies, theaters & nightclubs, colleges & universities, concerts, historical events, private parties, public spectacles, corporate events, trade shows and the list goes on. FSD is just as comfortable in the board room as at the biker bar, with audience's both refined and raucaus - let us work with YOU to get the perfect show for your needs and audience.



The best way to enjoy FreakShow Deluxe is to give us a stage and let us do our show! Would you hire a comedian to walk around in a crowd telling jokes? Of course not! So why would you hire a sideshow performer to stand in the corner to do stunts? What makes sideshow stunts exciting is the entire performance of the act - the stunt is just the punchline. Let FSD amaze the audience with a show full of comedy, danger, drama & excitement! Set to music and guaranteed to get attention - they may be provacative, but they are never blue - perfect for any setting!

  • 10-In-1 Show – OUR MOST POPULAR SHOW – the classic carnival-style sideshow that made us famous! 10 acts, one show, 30-40 minutes, 3-4 performers, and a lot of audience interaction. Better than the real thing, this dressed up version of the sideshow that never was is great for a single performance, multiple shows per day, or running a grind. Popular at fairs and amusement parks – and suitable almost anywhere.
  • Gunn’s Girls – The girlie version of our 10-In-1! It’s an ultra-hot sideshow review featuring the most beautiful and captivating young ladies in the business today performing some of the most dangerous acts possible (and looking good doing it). This show comes with one male talker who also performs a few acts. This show does especially well at bike rallies and nightclubs.
  • Halloween Show – It’s ooky and it’s spooky, cadaverous and kooky, it’s the show FreakShow Deluxe started out performing – GREAT for Halloween themed events and Haunted Attractions! Our creepy host takes the audience on a journey of amazement and disgust, as our performers - both beautiful and grotesque - do seemingly impossible physical feats. Costumes, music, props and set are all Halloween themed in this audience participation show.
  • Historic Medicine Show – Researched & created for Historical Events from post-Revolutionary War, through American Civil War, to the Victorian Era, and beyond. Presented in first-person characterization, featuring stylized sideshow acts with appropriate costumes & props for historical presentation, and lots of audience participation. Whether pitching the Miracle Medicine, or just presenting the Mystic Arts, this show keeps the audiences entertained while it educates. Also available as a lecture, or with additional educational components.
  • American Sideshow – A full-length show featuring 4-5 performers doing 30 classic acts of the carnival sideshow in 90+ raucous minutes of audience participation, laughs, thrills, and chills with 4-5 performers. Structured as a formal theatre show with an intermission, this show brings huge show banners, big props, and a lot of excitement to the stage in a fast-paced, comedy stunt spectacular!
  • FreakShow Family - Take the opportunity to hire the "First Family of Sideshow" - and get performances from the youngest professional performers of sideshow stunts in the world: the Green Monster and La Pequeña Arañita, along with the Reverend Tommy Gunn and Miss Malice Aforethought in a family-friendly, fun-filled show of sideshow stunts with a message of togetherness.
  • Flawedville – Our own full-length musical, written by Daniel Hopkins and Thomas Nealeigh, features 12 original songs, 10 sideshow stunts, a love story, mistaken identity, comedy, a hero, a villain, a damsel in distress, a thrilling climax, and a great message about preserving the past for the future. Originally produced at the Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles, CA.
  • How To Do Sideshow For Fun & Profit – This one-hour, one-person theatrical show features an "audience volunteer" who performs to a mysterious how-to record album teaching sideshow stunts - an album recorded by someone who is obviously up to no good! As the performance continues, the stunts get more dangerous - and the laughs get louder. Originally produced during the Faux/Real Arts Festival in New Orleans, LA.



A show just does not work for you? Need atmosphere entertainment? Are you interested in hiring specific FreakShow Deluxe performers? Please check out our performer page for a full list. Or choose the ‘type’ of performances FSD has available from the list below to help define the feel of your event – our performers appear in the appropriate costuming with the perfect props.

  • ‘Fakir’sword swallowing, bed of nails, and pincushion; The more extreme acts of mind over matter, as performed by the Sadhus, the Fakirs, the Mystics of ancient Asia, the Far East, and India (India, India)! Must be seen to be believed! Great for tattoo conventions and Halloween haunt events.
  • Western Arts/Pirateknife throwing, bullwhip cracking, and sword fighting; Whether its adventure on the high plains or high seas (maybe even a steampunk adventurer), visit those thrilling days of yesteryear with our highly skilled practitioners of these historic arts.
  • Magic & Illusionclose up magic, card & coin tricks, and big stage illusions; From simple sleight of hand to mind-boggling deception, to trickery of the body and mind – in numinous robes or in the classic tuxedo, our practitioners of the necromantic arts will amaze and astound!
  • CircusAcrobats, Aerialists, and Contortionists; Amazing technical skills from under the big top with strength, balance, and amazing physical control both in the air and on the ground. Sorry, no circus clowns... they just really are not our thing.
  • Cirque-type ActsFire-dancers, Stilt Walkers, and Jugglers; Atmospheric, entertaining, and amazing up close or from a distance, the specialized skills of these colorful performers bring something special to any event.
  • Burlesque Performers – lovely ladies, exotic dances, and wild costumes; Provocative and entertaining, nothing brings more attention to a stage, booth, or event like pretty girls in outlandish outfits! All ages event? No problem – our dancers can remain covered.
  • TalkersMasters of Ceremonies, Key Note Speakers, and Pitchmen (and women); The right talker can help any event run more smoothly, warm up an audience, or get a point across to the rapt attention of passers-by. We have the right talker for you, no matter what your need.
  • Carnival Stuntsblockhead, light bulb eating, and fire-eating; All the classic acts once seen on circus and carnival sideshows across the country, each one calculated to shock and astonish.
  • Human Anomalies*Little People, Giants, and Natural Borns; Meet those who are not as others in the flesh! We have the connections to provide you with natural born ‘freaks’ like Lobster Boy, Wolf Boy, giants, or little people; self-made freaks like extremely tattooed people; or we can even create gaffed (fake) freaks like a bearded lady or conjoined twins. *Extra fees are involved with hiring some of these VERY special performers.

Mix up the types of performances you want – FreakShow Deluxe is not limited to the acts or ‘types’ listed here – and many of our performers have skills and looks that will crossover nicely into creating anything you can imagine.



What are the specific acts FreakShow Deluxe will perform at your event? What can you expect to see at an FSD show? Below is an alphabetized list of over 40 individual acts and stunts available from FSD – but we add more all the time, so please ask (Key is below).

  • Aerial Arts** – Performer uses silks, trapeze, spinning hoops, and/or other implements to appear to defy gravity. **Act has specific requirements, and requires minimum stage & audience clearance – please call for details.** C, Q
  • Animal Traps – Performer sticks his/her own extremities (arm, hand, and tongue) into different types of animal traps (bear, wolf, fox, and mouse), letting the trap snap shut while remaining unhurt. K
  • Ashtray – Performer extinguishes a lit cigarette or cigar on his/her own tongue while not getting burned. K
  • Balloon Swallow – Performer 'swallows' a fully inflated 3-foot long balloon. K
  • Bangkok Blowgun** – Female performer uses amazing control of her nether regions to fire blowgun darts to hit targets, as made legendary in Bangkok’s Patpong district. **This act may not be suitable for all audiences.** B, K
  • Bed of Nails – Performer lies on a bed of long, sharp nails (or between two beds of nails) while members of audience stand on him/her, then/or an assistant break concrete blocks with a sledgehammer over him/her; and then/or else an assistant drives a vehicle over him/her – performer remains unhurt. F, K
  • Bed of Blades – While performers lays on a row of sharp swords or machetes, members of audience stand on him/her, then/or an assistant break concrete blocks with a sledgehammer over him/her – performer remains unhurt. F, K
  • Bellydancing – Costumed female performer dances in the Middle Eastern Style. Variations may include dancing with snakes, fire, and/or swords. B
  • Belly Thread – Performer swallows a length of thread, then cuts into his/her abdomen and pulls the thread out of his/her body. F
  • Blockhead – Performer inserts a variety of objects straight into the center of the skull through the nostril: pounding a sharp spike with a hammer; shoving in a screwdriver, scissors, cutlery, and/or ice pick; and/or using a power drill – remaining unhurt after removing the object(s). K
  • Blade Box – After performer squeezes into box, blades are inserted throughout, forcing him/her to bend around them to not be injured. Audience may be invited onstage to look into the box and observe performer’s health & flexibility for themselves. K
  • Bulletin Board – Members of the audience are invited to be part of the show by attaching money to performer using an industrial stapler. F, K
  • Bullwhip** – Using a bullwhip with complete precision, performer cuts targets from the hands and face of the assistant and/or audience member, even cutting a newspaper into little pieces from his/her hands. **MINIMUM of 10 feet head & stage clearance is required for this act – 12 feet is preferred.** W, K
  • Burlesque – Female performer dances in the classic style in an elaborate costume and may disrobe in an erotic fashion; can be made family friendly. Male performer variation, “Boylesque,” is also available. B
  • Chainsaw Stunts – Using a chainsaw, blindfolded performer cuts objects held in the mouth of assistant (or self) with complete precision. K
  • Contortionist – Performer bends and twists his/her own body in ways that defy the audience’s imagination. C, Q, K
  • Cutting Board – Performer uses razor sharp knives and/or swords to cut through fruits & vegetables placed on his/her own bare skin (especially neck), without slicing through his/her flesh. F, K
  • Dartboard – Performers use each other as targets in a game of darts, leaving the darts poking into their bare skin. K
  • Eat Glass or Light Bulb – After demonstrating to the audience it is a real glass or light bulb, the performer bites off, chews up, and swallows its broken glass shards. F, K
  • Electric Wonder – Performer allows electric current to run through his/her body, demonstrating this by making light bulbs glow, lighting a cigarette off of his/her tongue, shooting sparks from his/her fingertips, and/or other demonstrations. K
  • Fire-dancing – Set to music, performer weaves hypnotic trails of flame using a variety of implements including poi, fire fingers, fire whip, and/or more. Q
  • Fire-eating & Fire-breathing – Set to music, performer transfers flame from torch to torch, from body to torch, from tongue to torch, then extinguishes the flaming torches with his/her mouth. Performer also blows controlled bursts of flame from his/her mouth using an accelerant. Q, K
  • Geek/Bug Eating – Performer chews up and swallows live crickets, worms, and other bugs in a disgusting, but amusing display. Performer may also swallow, then regurgitate items, including a live goldfish. K
  • Glass Walking – Barefoot performer walks, stomps, and jumps on a pile of broken glass. Performer may also lie with his/her face on the glass and allows member of audience to stand on his/her head, pushing his/her face into the broken shards. F, K
  • Grinder – Using an electric wheel grinder, performer sends showers of sparks into the air from metal props on stage and metal plates attached to his/her body. Act may culminate in lighting a cigarette from the sparks. Q, K
  • Human Firecracker – Performer reveals a strip of firecrackers taped to his/her bare chest and/or body, which is then lit and set off to create a group of explosions on his/her person while he/she remains unhurt. K
  • Hooping and Stilt Walking – Set to music, performer demonstrates exceptional skills with the Hoola Hoop and/or on stilts. Q
  • Juggling – Using a variety of implements, including but not limited to pins, balls, and torches, performer engages specific skills to keep three, five, or more objects in the air and/or about the body all at one time. Q
  • Knife Throwing** – Performer throws knives, tomahawks, and other sharp objects with pinpoint precision around his/her assistant. Performer may also hit targets held in the assistant’s hand or mouth with injuring him/her. This act may also include an audience participation component, and has a flaming dagger option. **MIMINUM of 16 feet stage clearance on the diagonal is required for this act – 20-24 feet is preferred.** W, K
  • Ladder of Blades – Balanced precariously on the sharp edges, performer walks up and down a ladder of razor-sharp swords or machetes barefoot – remaining unhurt. F, K
  • Lasso – With a length or rope, some dexterity, and a bit of comic timing, the performer spins the lasso in wide circular patterns, doing tricks and lassoing objects. W
  • Magic and Illusion – Using sleight of hand, misdirection, and gaffs, performer appears to make impossible feats happen. Can be either up-close magic, or large on-stage illusions. M
  • Mental Floss – Performer sticks balloon (or other object) up nose, then pulls it out his/her mouth, demonstrating it goes all the way through. F, K
  • Mentalist Acts – Using the power of his/her mind, performer demonstrates amazing, almost paranormal mental abilities of prediction, insight, and telekinesis. M, K
  • Musical Numbers & Singers – Set to music, performers present song and dance numbers (Broadway, classics, and original songs). B, T
  • Pierced Weightlifting – Heavy, weighted items are hung from hooks and/or existing piercings through performer’s skin (usually ears, tongue, nipples, and others), then swung around. F, K
  • Pincushion – Performer shoves large needles through various body parts (usually arm, throat, and cheek), without showing pain or bleeding. F, K
  • Straightjacket & Other Escapes – Secured into a straightjacket, with an added element of danger to raise the stakes (chains & locks, hanging upside-down, and/or others), performer must escape before time runs out. This act may also include cuff and shackle escapes. M, K
  • Strongman Stunts – Performer does classic “strongman” stunts, including tearing telephone books in half, bending pipes & Rebar bare-handed, and putting a nail through a board with his/her hand. K
  • Sword Fighting – Performers engage in choreographed stage combat with swords or other weapons. W
  • Sword Swallowing – Performer inserts a sword and/or other long object(s) down his/her throat, then removes it unharmed. F, K

Acts surrounding these stunts may vary from performer to performer, and not all performers can do all stunts. Availability of stunts and performers may change without notice. Please note many of these acts are physically dangerous, and should never be attempted by anyone but a trained professional.

F – Fakir
W – Western/Pirate
M – Magic
C – Circus
Q – Cirque-type
B – Burlesque
T – Talker
K – Carnival