Superkids on Germany's Sat 1 2015


Grennan the Green Monster grew up with FreakShow Deluxe - taking his first steps on the stage of our Empire Amusement Hall in Hollywood - appearing on Nickelodeon, America's Got Talent, lots of local television. His little sister, La Pequeña Arañita, went to a show her first day out of the hospital and has traveled all over the country doing shows.

Finally, the world got wind of them! A German TV show for the Sat 1 channel, Superkids, got wind of The World's Youngest Professional Knife Thrower, and The Bravest Little Girl In the World, and came to Hollywood to see them (meeting the FSD family at the same time), then brought them over to appear on the show! Watch a video of it HERE. We made some great friends!

Relaxing in the green room after their appearance (left to right): La Pequeña ArañitaGrennan the Green Monster, and your Reverend Tommy GunnMiss Malice Aforethought is not pictured - but it could not have happened without her.