Colonial Market & Fair at Mount Vernon 2015


FreakShow Deluxe also offers shows specifically for historical events, too! And who would know better if they were any good that General George Washington - first President of the United State - who only invites the best to come to the Colonial Market & Fair at his home: Mount Vernon in Virginia!

The Professor Thompson S. Gunn's Mysteries of Asia, the Far East, and India show is jam-packed full of excitement and laughs as he brings the skills he learned from the sadhus, the fakirs, and the mystics of those ancient and esoteric lands directly to the people of the New World! Featuring your Reverend Tommy Gunn doing things like fire-eating, fire-breathing, bed of nails, blockhead, lifto, and more - this year was his second invitation to the Fair, and he has been invited to return with a new show in 2016.