Full Throttle Saloon 2015


America's biggest biker bar, The Full Throttle Saloon, has been THE place to be during Bike Week in Sturgis, SD - and FreakShow Deluxe has been there five out of the last 6 years! August 1 - 7, 2015, FSD did shows each night in the main bar, adding to the carnival-like atmosphere! Fire, swords, whips, blockhead, pincusion, and (with the help of our special guest, Reggie) "Freak Shots" - where you could do a shot THROUGH a live freak at the bar!!

The cast included (left to right): our special guest Reggie Bügmüncher (from Olde City Sideshow) and Miss Malice Aforethought - pictured here on either side of FTS's own DJ & MC: Goat! Not pictured is Reverend Tommy Gunn.