Dr. Creep Benefit - Dayton, OH

January 28, 2011 - 9:00pm

All proceeds donated to Creep's Family & Funeral Expenses
featuring FreakShow Deluxe!
January 28, 2011 - Doors open at 9:00pm
18+ is $5
21+ is $3
101 S. St. Clair St., Dayton, OH 45402

There is a LOT going on at this benefit show for and in the memory of our favorite fiend, Dr. Creep! Silent auction, raffle, face painting & performances along with some GREAT music, dancing and reminiscing about the Creeper.

One of the biggest things going on is that THREE of the ORIGINAL 4 FreakShow Deluxe troupe members will be re-uniting to perform together on stage!! FSD founder Rev. Tommy Gunn will be joined by BOTH Jonny Bailout (formerly Jonny Grinder) and PHIL for this one-night-only special attraction. These three have not been on stage together since October 2004! What will happen? How amazing will it be?! COME AND FIND OUT!!!

Among the items up for auction will be a special FreakShow Deluxe Package, featuring the brand new just-released FSD Belt Buckle along with DVDs (the original documentary, "FreakShow Deluxe," and the concert video "Carnival of Blood") and t-shirt!!!!  More items & auctions from Foy's Halloween Stores, Joel Robinson, Chad Wells, Kelly Walker, Damien Brunk, Kidtee Hello, Lissa Lush, Jonathan Missall, Matt Freeman & many others!

So put on your cape and top hat, slap on the greasepaint, and come out to play with all of us -- HOO HA HA!